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At gxstrands, we have developed a unique, fermentation-based manufacturing technique that enables the production of single-stranded DNA at arbitrary lengths (up to 10,000 nt) on a large scale and with exceptional purity. We are supporting partners across various emerging research fields directly from the heart of Bavaria in Munich, Germany.


Based in Munich, we have established our own production facility with upstream and downstream processing infrastructure. Upgrade to good manufacturing practice (GMP) is currently in progress. Please contact us for further information!


Conventional production processes face limitations in both the scale & length of single-stranded DNA.

At gxstrands, we overcome these limitations through our advanced fermentation-based technology that utilizes rolling circle amplification of phagemid DNA in E. coli. This approach enables us to produce extensive single-stranded DNA sequences, reaching lengths of up to 10,000 nucleotides, on a large scale. Our patented production process, which utilizes specialized DNA enzymes, guarantees unparalleled precision, producing single-stranded DNA free from undesired residues or backbones, with the sole exception of an AG at the 5' end.

Consequently, our ssDNA is suitable for a wide range of applications, including the precision-oriented field of DNA origami and the groundbreaking area of gene editing.

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gxstrands emerged from the scarcity of single-stranded DNA in DNA origami research. Given the high cost of single-stranded DNA, there was a necessity to develop alternative production methods. Now, we offer a novel fermentation-based technology for single-stranded DNA production that not only ensures quality but also removes previous limitations on research scalability. Our single-stranded DNA, designed for a broad spectrum of applications, is utilized in fields like gene editing research, DNA origami, and numerous other emerging areas.


Our mission at gxstrands is to empower scientific innovation by providing high-mass and high-quality single-stranded DNA. Recognizing the ever-evolving needs of researchers, we are not only dedicated to meeting these demands but also to foreseeing and shaping the future of scientific endeavors. Driven by a commitment to quality and customer focus, we aim to turn today's challenges into tomorrow's breakthroughs. Join us in pioneering the future of biotechnology!