Single-stranded DNA on large scales

We empower researchers to push beyond conventional limits and innovate, enabling scientific breakthroughs.

  • Long, scalable, versatile

    • Sequence length up to 10,000 nt.
    • Linear and circular single-stranded DNA.
    • Pools of oligonucleotides (min. 150 nt).
    • Large amounts, from µg to g and more.
    • Our Extra purified, endotoxin-free single-stranded DNA is ideal for in vivo research and cell culture experiments.
  • Service features

    • Sequence verification by nanopore sequencing.
    • Size verification by gel electrophoresis.
    • Developed and produced in Germany.
    • Free template storage for faster delivery on reordering.
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  • Professional consulting

    • Our scientific team will tailor the project outline precisely to your needs and provide consistent support throughout the process.
    • We promise to get back to you within two working days.
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